Paul Wheelhouse is an Author, Self-Publisher, Minister, Adjunct Prof. of Religion, Self-Employed in Business of Preservation, and an Archivist-at-Large.

Attended a parochial Lutheran school in St. Louis, MO

Associate of Arts degree from Jefferson College, Hillsboro, MO

Bachelor of Arts in Education, Concordia (Lutheran) College in Chicago

Master of Divinity Degree, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

Paul Wheelhouse was ordained and served in his first Call in the Lutheran pastorate 1 ½ years. He then felt a strong tug, led by God, to study full-time in a post-M.Div masters degree program at the Jerusalem University College, Mt. Zion, Jerusalem. He was first there in 1992 after his second year of seminary for the 3-week intensive course on the Historical and Geographical Setting of the Bible. This trip changed his life. He returned this time as a full-time MA student ancient history and archaeology of the Land of the Bible, more biblical Hebrew, and some New Testament and rabbinic studies.

Returning to the U.S. he returned to the Lutheran pastorate a few more years. His career then shifted to several different opportunities, from was self-employment, to a resort photography job, administrative assistant temp jobs, then a few government stints.  During these years his creative writing juices really began to churn, filling legal pads full of notes for books and articles.

Then a couple years later, he launched an inter-faith prayer website and  began teaching the World Religions course as an Adjunct Instructor at a state community college. And the following year in 2010, he finished his first book and self published it (see books section of WORKS page). The next book titles came within a few years later. Then he returned to his devotional guidebook to the Holy Land which he started to write in 1997 while still living in Jerusalem. He finished the manuscript twenty years later on his ordination anniversary in July 2017.

In 2014, he completed his Museum Studies certificate from FSU after completing a two-semester internship in the archives/ collections room for the Heritage committee of a large 140 year old downtown church. He was pursuing a dual-career goal in curator (focusing on curator of manuscripts/ archival work) as well as budding Religion scholar. His love for archival work continued to grow at each opportunity to volunteer, intern, or work in field came. But he still needed more professional training in this specialized field, specifically, a Masters degree in Library science.

In 2015 he moved up to Urbana, IL to earn the MSLIS degree with a Special Collections certificate from UIUC.

He returned to Florida. Two months later, he finished his Devotional Guidebook to; the Holy Land  manuscript which he started writing 20 years earlier.

Two months after that, with another move, an in-state Florida move to a university town,  he started his A USA PPP business,  painting and preservation work. And he continues to write working on his next books.

He is also working to establish not one but TWO archives, an American Archive, and a religious Archive (see WORKS page to read more).

To God be all glory honor and praise