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The Works of Paul Wheelhouse (Midwest-FL USA) are in the following divisions, only summarized below:

Art Work, Written Works, Teaching Works, and Preservation Works


In 1986-1987, Paul Wheelhouse created a few Wheelhouse logos in pen and ink and colored pencil. In 1987-1988, he created a couple calligraphic “Jesus” artwork pieces. From 1986-1987 he also drew some professionally drawn residential renderings for a relative who was a builder. He was employed by an Artists company in Orlando 1986-1989 before going to seminary. His desire and vision for making more art work continued through many years, desiring to do some calligraphy of sacred texts, but his work for the next three decades focused on ministry, writing, teaching, etc. The one exception to this long hiatus of art work was the creation of the Global Praying Hands(c)(R) in 2009 soon later grouped under Wheelhouse Art.


WRITTEN WORKS (Blogs, Books, Broadsides, Articles, and Letters)



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A Day Art Changed History: Persian invasion and Appearance in Bethlehem

December 6, 2008 on

The Fifteen Articles of Human Dignity on Faith

June 29, 2009, on

“The R’s of Religion”

November 17, 2010, on


2010: Global Prayers for All People: Various Occasions, Paul Wheelhouse, Global Faith

2013: Human Dignity: Path of Faith and Spirit, A Charter for a Spiritual Foundation and Restoration for Souls, Rev.        Paul A. Wheelhouse, Wheel House Publications

2018: A Devotional Guidebook to the Holy Land: Journey with Jesus, Paul Wheelhouse, Wheel House Publications

More information can be found and books ordered directly from Wheel House Publications or on Amazon.


Making America Great, Twenty Wheelhouse Theses, Wheel House Publications, 2016

Five Laws of Information in Society, Wheel House Publications, 2015

Truth Trumps and Transcends, Wheel House Publications, 2015

The Vastness of Truth, Wheel House Publications, 2017

The Nature of Truth, Wheel House Publications, 2017

The Holy Spirit Cannot Be Controlled… Wheel House Publications, 2017


The following are just a few sampling of articles written:

“Fireworks in the Sky: Disney’s Glory Does not Compare to God’s Glory,” 1989

“The Third Temple in the Third Millennium A.D.?” September 2005

“The Usurpation of Christ’s Ascension by the Prophet Muhammad,” 2018

“The Doctrine of Particularity with Applications to Biblical Interpretation and Existential Life,” 2020



Apostolic Letters:

Message on the Kingdom of God to the Body of Christ, Feb. 2021 See here on this site.



The Teaching page on this site highlights a few of his teachings. The space here is intended as a summary catalog which is not yet cataloged. Suffice for now to give an overview in outline form:

PASTORAL TEACHING/ BIBLE STUDIES (When serving as a Lutheran Minister)

Journey of the Holy Land and Paradise, 1999

RELIGIOUS and SPIRITUAL TEACHINGS (post-Lutheran ministry years)

Dozens, if not hundreds of teachings/ teaching articles not yet compiled


(Stay tuned! Working on this series which will include outline, notes, and videos)


Please see the Preservation pages on


His career has span preservation work on historical-cultural resources in the state of Florida (counted in the “government stints” period of his life), preserving historic homes, and his particular passion: preserving American and religious (e.g. Christian) heritage in records, artifacts, books, and multi-media.

To God be all glory honor and praise