Apostolic Teachings

Here you will find teachings and exhortations by Apostle Paul of St. Louis*
*Apostle Paul of St. Louis in this 21st century, not to be confused the Apostle Paul of Taurus who wrote two-thirds of the New Testament. This Apostle Paul was born in the latter half of the 20th century in St. Louis, MO, and who received his former theological training in St. Louis. He does not continue to live in St. Louis and thus is using “St. Louis” in the metaphysical, metaphorical way signifying a place of theological moorings.

FIRST Apostolic Letter of the Body of Christ

A Kingdom Message to the Body of Christ in America COVID-19 and Post-Pandemic Era

Paul Wheelhouse, a.k.a. Apostle Paul of St. Louis, MSLIS, MSC, MDiv

February 20, 2021

Revised March 31, 2022


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We are Kingdom people, with God as our King, the Sovereign and Creator of the whole universe and Earth, privileged to be made subjects of this most great, universal, and invisible Kingdom by the Word of God, made up of God’s declarative truths in holy Scripture in narrative, Law, Covenants, Prophecy, Gospel, and Exhortations receiving these benefits by the mercy and grace of God in Christ Jesus.

God has made each one of us in particular, uniquely, for none of us are “general,” and this itself is a wonder, a marvel, and mystery to behold, and all life is a miracle, by the power, majesty, love, and intelligence of God, our Creator and King.

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Universals Reflections and Series

April 1, 2022 [This is no April fools.]

The quest for universals and the quest for truth are harmonious, like perpetual lovers whose embrace is enduring and never grows weary. For many truths at the same time are universals. Several of these universals are deep within the being and soul of human beings of all cultures, nations, tribes, and races from very ancient times to the present. Notable among these are a sense of fairness, goodness, rightness, and justice. And people everywhere have looked up and been inspired by the beauty in the sky and clouds. All human beings live under Earth’s sky (except for astronauts when they temporarily live in a space station) and so many have been inspired by it. The Hebrew word for “sky” and “Heaven” is the same: shamayim.

My own intentional and intellectual quest to pursue universals began in 2006 in the course of everyday life while living in central Florida. I thought a good place to visit to stimulate this start of my long-term quest was to visit the local Baha’i House. For those who are not familiar with this religion, it arose out of Shia Islam in Iran in the latter 1800’s. But it was founded on the most universal principles. Its main motto and creed became: “One God, One World, One People.” I was still and remained a devoted Christian, but there were things to learn from the Baha’i Faith and through this quest for universals.

I was walking in faith, believing that God would take me to other places as I was on this journey. And God did take me. He landed me in the state’s capital in Tallahassee about a year and a half later. There, on occasion I visited the Baha’i House and befriended some of the wonderful people who gathered there. And about a year and a half later, I had the unexpected opportunity to start teaching the World Religions course as an Adjunct Instructor at the local community college. And so my quest continued through more study. Universals are found in many of the religions and yet there are distinctions in them all, some quite different than others.

The term “universalism” should mean the study or philosophy of universal principles. This is how I would use the term. But instead, Webster’s dictionary and a dictionary of philosophy define “universalism” as everyone goes to Heaven. I do not hold to or teach the latter. Therefore, I am not a “universalist” in that sense.

In this season of my life, I completed my first book with clearly this universal emphasis: Global Prayers for All People. Read more.

I have made this quest for universals, growing in the understanding of universal truths and principles, a journey to continue through the rest of my earthly life. And the fruit of some years of study and reflection is manifesting in a book series. Prayer is one of the universals of humanity. And so it could be considered that the first book I wrote and self-published in 2010, Global Prayers for All People, is the first book in this overall universal series. But in the past two years, I have been planning a universal book series each title beginning with “The Book of ______.” And the first book in this universal series is The Book of Truth: 1001 Truths for Today and Always, scheduled to be completed, released, and published this fall 2022. To request your copy in advance, contact the publisher here. About ten “The Book of ____ book titles are planned in this all-encompassing series.

Faith-Bible-Religion Home Study Group (Meetup)

Lesson 1: Introduction to the Series which emphasizes Faith in great leaders: God-believers, prophets, sages and Surveys Biblical Faith


Lesson 2: A Survey of Biblical Faith Part II: The Hebrew Prophets Samuel – Malachi




To God be all glory honor and praise